Is Zimbawe back to the future?

One leading magazine in East Africa recently ran a cartoon which showed President Robert Mugabe dozing off on a stretcher with drips even though participating in a race. Those doing the actual running while the old man is asleep were state apparatus... Read more →

RWANDA/TANZANIA spat: in adversary talk to your enemies

The meetings of the African Union (A.U) are rarely productive but every time these strong men and few women these days meet, they don’t disappoint in terms of producing fireworks. This time round what has caused all the noise in the neighbourhood... Read more →

“FAILED STATES”: Another elaborate joke

Foreign magazine’s Failed States Index for 2013 is out, itself a failure in many ways. This very ambiguous and subjective concept owes its origin to the chaos that engulfed the world as the dust was settling following the decline of the Soviet... Read more →

The “BIG MAN” was in town!

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. In the end, the big man landed in Dar amid much fanfare and pomp. President Kikwete knows how to throw a party, and I suspect had he not chose to become a politician he could’ve made it big with event organising.... Read more →

Obama visit and the ugly truth Kenyans forgot!

Barack Obama first and second visit to Africa as president of the United States came around back in mid 2009 when he visited Egypt in June and Ghana in July. That was as well the first and second time when President Obama’s visit to Africa... Read more →

All roads lead to Rome

It is a Sunday morning. From where I am, I can hear a gospel song coming from a church nearby. The song narrates a story of the faithful who have been delivered to “Canaan”, a promised land and that they swear to never go back to “Egypt”.... Read more →

Obama visit: our worries and hopes

Obama visit in Tanzania will be his last stop after visiting South Africa and Senegal in his Africa’s visit. The visit in the country will follow in the footsteps of other former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. An ordinary person... Read more →


If I changed the image of my world, painted white over red  so the world could see the story always left out;  The haves,  living large in beach houses,  somewhere in the Dark Continent,  the minority reality,  Would it change things? If... Read more →

Power is shifting, from West to East

As the world had gone through the second imperialist world war (WWII), Africa participated in it not for the sake of defending her interests, but due to the force exerted to her by her colonial master. Marxist scholars normally call this situation... Read more →
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