Corruption with a futile Tanzania’s independence

Tanganyika will be marking its 50th anniversary since independence. It is a golden jubilee that will be celebrated on the 9th Dec It is here referred to the independence of Tanganyika since speaking of Tanzania is something else that entails... Read more →

Aya moja tu: Anazungumza nae?

Unazungumza nae? Nakuuliza unazungumza nae? Unashangaa kama hunielewi….!! Nakuuliza wewe mwenye mashati lukuki, tai lukuki, suruali lukuki, na viatu lukuki, unazungumza na yule mwenye shati moja!? Sio moja tu, bali chafu, limechanika na kuchakaa... Read more →

Denying it yet demanding it

Laws are made by people to regulate their lives and conducts. These laws are made to ensure that rights are granted and observed, peace is maintained and no crimes are committed. Laws are there to ensure rights are granted. We always hear about... Read more →
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