Tutafakari upya demokrasia ya mfumo wa vyama vingi!

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Tanzania ilirithi mfumo wa vyama vingi toka kwa Wakoloni. Mwaka 1964, Serikali iliyokuwa ikiongozwa na chama cha TANU iliamua kupiga marufuku mfumo wa vyama vingi na kuamua kuwa Tanzania itakuwa ni nchi ya chama kimoja.... Read more →

The politics of succession within CCM

State House of Tanzania In commemorating 38 years of its existence, CCM’s Chairperson, President Kikwete used the occasion to touch on the subject of succession politics. He said that the party has many capable hands to replace him, and that... Read more →

The road to 2015: the way forward!

A woman carrying a child casts her vote at a polling station (Credit to: www.voanews.com) I read the comments posted by one Ndesumbuka Merinyo on an article I wrote for this site. The piece was titled “The Road to 2015”. He wanted me to... Read more →

Arusha By-Elections: apathy in action?

The by-elections to fill four vacant wards in Arusha were held this past sunday 14th July, 2013. The main opposition party, CHADEMA, held its ground in all four wards. Arusha Urban MP, Godbless Lema (CHADEMA) was so enthusiastic about the outcomes... Read more →