The Eagle or The Dragon: Africa’s choiceless choices

African leaders cascaded to the U.S capital, Washington DC for the first U.S-Africa leaders’ summit to discuss issues covering security, trade and governance. There are absentees as well. Ebola outbreak forced the absence of leaders from Sierra... Read more →

The unclaimed prize

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation cash prize for excellence in governance for this year went unclaimed.  The same was true for 2009, 2010, and 2012. This didn’t surprise those who follow African politics with more than a passing interest; the real... Read more →

Our “leaders” in the test again!

Now they openly ‘‘swallow their pride’’ by agreeing that mistakes were made in mining contracts which lead to this country lose billions of money in the investment by foreign companies in the mining industry. Tanzania is blessed with... Read more →

Is Zimbawe back to the future?

One leading magazine in East Africa recently ran a cartoon which showed President Robert Mugabe dozing off on a stretcher with drips even though participating in a race. Those doing the actual running while the old man is asleep were state apparatus... Read more →

Do we see only wrongs of Africa?

This is a reply of an article written by Ramadhani Msoma published on WeWrite on 4th July, 2013 entitled; “What’s wrong with Africa” Even though the article carried a question as its title, in its content Msoma provided a narrative,... Read more →