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B.Connect is the social and professional joint through books reading and reviewing. The purpose of the B.Connect is to build learning engagement that is in a sociable setting. With fundamental idea of exploring knowledge and skills from books, and individual roles in personal and professional “spaces”, and how to effectively share this information with other group members.


Vijana FM

Vijana FM (“Youth FM” in Swahili) is a platform for visual, audio, or print content. The content is by the youth, and for the youth in East Africa. We host a studio crew of volunteers and partners who create public discussion using visual, audio, or written media. The objective it to be a media-based platform that youth can use to share, exchange, and develop ideas for sustainable development in East Africa.


Vijana Forum

VijanaForum is an online platform where current state of affairs, achievements of individual youth organizations countrywide, or anything catchy that relates to young people is discussed by the young people. It is an online one-stop information center for the development of the young people!



Ndogoworks is a freelance web design initiative focussed on building websites for small entities that need growth. We create, customize and/or maintain websites, blogs and social network pages.