Africa and its ‘identity’ crisis

Throughout the African continent the problem of identity has been eating away at Africans for half a century after political independence from the Europeans. The border partitions which were drawn during the infamous Berlin conference of 1884/85... Read more →

Shule kwanza, ndoa baadae!

Mabadiliko katika nchi huwa yanategemea pamoja na mengi ikiwemo hasa rasilimali watu. Ni dhahiri kuwa na idadi kubwa ya ongezeko la wananchi waliopata elimu na kuelimika yanasaidia katika kasi ya upatikanaji wa maendeleo. Pamoja na changamoto... Read more →

The books I read in 2013

Following the footsteps of my buddy and friend Michael Dalali and other readers who took the initiative of listing the books they  read in 2013.I have decided to do the same. Here we go…………………. 1.’Built to last’ by Jim Collins... Read more →

Give to less fortunate in 2014!

It is fortunate to the developed world where they do have private owned shops whereas these shops do buy second hand items from individuals. This enables people to get over and done with things or items they no longer need rather than hoarding... Read more →

Uchakavu wa mwaka mpya

‘Mwaka mpya na mambo mapya,’ ndivyo tulivyozowea kusema hasa nyakati zile ambapo shangwe za kusherehekea mwaka mpya kila mara ilipotimu tarehe moja Januari zilisikika, ule usiku wa saa sita juu ya alama ulipokuwa na maana kubwa kwetu. Utamaduni... Read more →

Madiba and leadership gap in Africa

The events followed Madiba death in South Africa at least has given the African continent a rare positive image. The attention of the world to Africa following the loss has reminded the world that the continent is not only about coup d’ tats... Read more →

South Sudan: Haven’t we evolved yet?

As 2013 came to a close, South Sudan erupted and descended into chaos at an alarming pace. Here was a country which had been received euphorically as it attained her political independence following more than half a century of armed struggles. When... Read more →

Is our society running short of morals?

A few weeks ago I received a call from a friend that left me shocked; “hello……..I have just dropped off from a bus and a group of men who stood beside the bus stop unknown to me rudely started touching all over my body, I tried... Read more →

Mandela: Whose Hero?

The world is weeping! Mandela has gone. A legend, an icon and global moral campus. Till 3 days ago, 70 Heads of State and Government and ten retired Presidents confirmed attendance. There also a lot of celebrities who have confirmed attendance... Read more →
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