Say Nothing!

It’s been a while since I have written publicly. Every time I pick up the pen to write, the warnings of my mother ring in my ears, my words freeze at attention, like a soldier. “Do not write of which you don’t know. We don’t want to... Read more →

Simple but crucial tax measures for Tanzania

One of the cardinal principles of any effective tax system is efficiency. Indeed, it was the father of economics himself, Adam Smith who wrote, “Every tax ought to be contrived as both to take out and keep out of pockets of the people as little... Read more →

Je, Tanzania tuitakayo ni ipi?

  Nilipata fursa ya kusikiliza kongamano lililoandaliwa na Benki ya Maendeleo ya Afrika lililofanyika nchini Rwanda mwaka 2014. Kongamano hilo lililoandaliwa kama sehemu ya kuazimisha mwaka wa Benki ya Maendeleo ya Afrika liliongozwa na... Read more →

THE VOICE WITHIN: “Exploring Borderless Europe”

As human beings, we believe there is spiritual power amongst or within us. There is a power beyond nature which controls things happening to us. Most of us believe there is God and there are Guardian angels. Have you ever been somewhere and... Read more →


Amb. Juma Mwapachu when he announced that he was returning to CCM Amb. Juma Mwapachu stunned many when he recently declared that he was re-joining CCM, after he quit last year following the controversial process of nominating the long ruling... Read more →

Of mice and men

At the end of July, President Kikwete addressed the country in a speech which had a wide range of issues but one, perhaps inevitably was dominated by the ongoing process of writing a new constitution for this country. As he spoke about the recent... Read more →

Riwaya ya Kizungumkuti: Sura ya Pili-Sehemu ya II

  Dar es Salaam  Jumatano, Aprili 9, 2003   Benito  aliishusha mikono yake chini huku bado akiwa haamini kilichotokea.  Aliiangalia sana ile daladala ilivyokuwa ikiondoka.  Akaichukua simu yake na kuandika namba za ile gari.  Alipandwa... Read more →
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