Simple but crucial tax measures for Tanzania

One of the cardinal principles of any effective tax system is efficiency. Indeed, it was the father of economics himself, Adam Smith who wrote, “Every tax ought to be contrived as both to take out and keep out of pockets of the people as little... Read more →

The Little White Lie

Someone once said that honesty is the best policy, and I might also add the other drunk who said the truth shall set you free. In an ideal world this is very true but what about in this pragmatic world that we live in? can we handle the truth?... Read more →

Je mchawi ni yupi Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger Arsenal imepata kiasi kikubwa cha pesa baada ya kuwauza wachezaji wake Cesc Fabregas(Barcelona), Samir Nasri(Man City), Gael Clichy(Man City) na Eboue nilitegemea baada ya kupata kitita hiki wangetafuta wachezaji wenye uwezo... Read more →