THE VOICE WITHIN: “Exploring Borderless Europe”

science-intuitionAs human beings, we believe there is spiritual power amongst or within us. There is a power beyond nature which controls things happening to us. Most of us believe there is God and there are Guardian angels.

Have you ever been somewhere and you hear a certain voice talking to you? Or sometimes you hear your name being called? That’s your inner voice. Everyone has it. It happens more often than you think. I often think, it’s my guardian angel talking to me.

It takes time and lesson to listen and understand the voice within. Most people know it by calling it a “hunch” or “intuition”. Often when something happens someone recalls, and you hear them say, “I had a hunch over this”. But I call it the “Voice Within”. The ‘voice within’ always and often tell us what to do when we are indecisive. When we don’t what to choose or know what to do, it slowly reveals the best options to us.

If you learn to listen to your “hunch” or the “voice within” it works. And it works to the best. This voice is always the optimistic voice. Leading you to positive results rather than regrets.

Time to confess!

I have a confession to tell.   And I will share my journey into “Europe on Track 3”. I am a postgraduate student at Lancaster University (UK) and right now (April) it’s the time of reading for our assignments and exams because it’s the end of the term/semester.

When I was reading one day at my favourite spot called the “Graduate Social Hub” where inside there is a quite reading room, I saw something on the website which was quite interesting.  There was an advert by AEGEE calling for applicants to be travellers for its project called “Europe on Track 3”. This is a project by the European student Organisation called AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum). They were looking for people who can travel across European countries and interview youth about their opinion over Europe- Vision 2020. I am happy to be on board because I love to travel.

At the first glance, I was like, this is great and interesting. I can do this. But later something tells me like it’s a European thing. The voice within kept resonating and raising my interesting in it and urge to read more. I read it again and saw the applicants are supposed to be a university student in any European country. There was a line which read, “Non-EU students can also apply”. That words, “Non-EU” got me motivated. My curiosity grew even more. I kept reading and found the deadline was on the same day.

The Voice within told me to apply. I was like, by the way, am reading for my assignments. The voice kept telling ‘apply’, ‘apply’, ‘apply’. You don’t lose a thing. Then I listened.

Exploring Borderless Europe!

Doc1It took me one hour to finish the application forms and answer an essay question in it which questioned; “What do you understand about ‘Borderless Europe’?” As an International Law/Relations student, this question was at the right place.

After a week and a half, on 1st April, I received an email with wonderful news. I have been selected to participate in the “Europe on Track 3”. Wow! I paused for a while. This was like a dream come true because it was in my next plan to travel around Europe. But now I have a course to pursue.

From 20th April to 20th May, “Europe on Track 3” is going to be tracking through   flights and inter-rails across European countries to pursue this wonderful project. Youth Voices matter a lot into the national and international affairs. The future of Europe is in the hands of youth because they are the leaders of today and tomorrow.  I and my fellow travellers we are going to make sure their voices and opinions are heard.

Lucky! Oh! Yes. Indeed, I am.   To be selected to be among the 6 travellers over the large pool of applicants, is indeed, a blessing.     The 6 travellers are divided into two teams of three, RED and BLUE. ‘Team Red’ goes in the Eastern Europe while ‘Team Blue’ goes in the Eastern Europe.

I am happy to be in team RED.  Yay!  Red rocks. Team red will travel From Brussels (Belgium) to Netherlands, France, German, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. I have been to some of these countries but not to all. Now I will visit Brussels (20 April), Maastricht/Eindhoven (20-22), Paris (22-28), Heidelberg (25-27), Manchester (28-2 May), Lyon (2-4), Leon (4-6), A Coruna(6-8), Barcelona (9-11), Udine (11-14), Verona (14-17) and Bergamo.

Being in this program means a lot in terms of understanding the theme “borderless Europe” in the first place. The   theme means a lot beyond virtual borders.   I want to collect as many opinions as possible, as many voices as I can. I want to hear all the inner voices about youths’ vision towards a better Europe.

Something Similar In East Africa!eac flag

I am happy to join a youth-oriented program like this. I did something like this while doing my undergraduate at the University of Dar es Salaam with East African Community Students’ Union (EACSU), where I had a chance to visit all the five East African countries. I am happy to be doing something more purposeful with AEGEE.

AEGEE is awesome and so are its members. There is more to learn. And I want to learn more, give more and be more.

Unleash your potential!

By Chikulupi Kasaka

Chikulupi is a L.L.M student at Lancaster University (UK)


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  1. Mvumo Aaron Balati says:

    Chiku wewe ni hatari, i am following some of your reading and trends in general, your potentiality is beyond. I see great promising future with lots to prosper. Be good and of course everything is possible.

    I believe you motivates not only me but many of us. Success is on your hand now, push harder-don’t stop.


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