This poem is dedicated to the  journalists who lost their lives as they were working to deliver the right content to the public.

Should I apologize to myself for choosing a career that caused my death
Should I plead to God to forgive those who took me through the painful last minutes of my life

My dreams were yet to be reached
I thought am setting an example
To my children
Birthed by the mother of my generation

Here I am
Crying on my own funeral
I wish to wake up before the burial
My mission is terminated,
My dreams are assassinated
Now God please hear me say
Give mama strength to stop that cry
And not to ask herself too many questions why and why

With every beat that my flesh received, I believed, God is raising someone to stand for the cause  started,
For justice
For peace
Like Martin Luther King “I have a dream” and now a dream is no more a dream,
Gone but living in millions souls
Born is a dream in the dreamers mind
The truth shall stand firm after its bend
Yes, truth and lies walk hand in hand
While truth is making an amazing trend
Lies are busy looking for a friend

Every beating was for hope
Every pain was for victory yet unseen
Every tear was for the generation that face down
Acting blind to the vanishing town
Neglecting instructions, weapons used for destructions
Elimination of the positive change makers,
The ones to protect us have become the undertakers
Our destiny is denied its destination
Citizens suffer depression
Confused within the rivers of detention in a so called free nation
The future is no more ours because it is full of this is mine, I want mine and I am fighting mine and mine alone

My beautiful nation
Where peace was found in abundant
Genuine smiles and pure love was dominant
For too many years
We have been bragging about peace when our hearts are not at rest
Bombs and bullets are words and attitude
Mind set the shorter latitudes
Violence rises in the death of ambulance
The innocent are guilty
The guilty are innocent
I look in the mirror and I see me
I don’t see peace
I see where I wanna be
Stop, don’t brainwash me with a kiss
Break up to make up
That won’t bring me pure bliss
Where is that nation of inner peace
Did it seize to happen or the knife is blunt it needs to be sharpen?
The killings, the tortures are not a gateway to a peaceful island
The bla bla will cool the tension but it is the action that will change the nation
Drive it to a better destination

Kubenea, I and more
Know what we are fighting for
The world will be so blind
If its not for our minds
To love our job and the truth to find
To report justly, this is the world of mankind
Born a journalist
I am like a heart specialist
No matter the pace of the heart beat
We don’t surrender, we don’t give up our seat
Do the right thing, report and you will receive support
Its not about you
Its about our entire nation
Countless generations
Don’t let fear put you down
Don’t let fear take away your crown

Still, who has the right to kill?
I read the human right convention and I see the right to live
The Most High gave me life
Who are you to take it away the way you see fit?

We have had too many wake up calls
Its not about planning but reaching our goals
I hear the complains from afar,
That won’t sustain unity and development
Its not about christianity or islam
Not even between the political parties
The tribes, the regions,
Or the ups and downs of our daily footsteps
Its about hearts that are stepped on
The souls that are wasted
Its about our country,
One is one, one is unity
One is love, one is change
One is company, one is a lot too many
enough has to be enough

As they say
If you don’t stand for something,
You will fall for anything
If you don’t set your standards
You will always settle for less
Even if you have your eyes at the best
You will fall in the arms of the worst
Your life is not your own
Imagine the free air as a loan
Stand tall, head up high
Build a sober tomorrow, less sorrow
More fists up high
Nelson Mandela ten years in jail but never lost focus
Struggle is independent success with no recess
Turn back the years to get a clear picture
Fast forward the years to see the future
Its all up to you.
Its all up to me.
Its all up to us.

By Nancy Lazaro

Nancy is a poet and author of the book “The Best is Found in You”


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