Kony: The reason why Museveni stays long in power?

Invisible Children have made their work heard by the so called international community of which sometimes I am skeptical on how it operates. They bombard the video sharing web tool YouTube with the video showing how Kony has been mistreating and abducting children in the Northern Uganda.

The LRA (Lord Resistance Army)  war has been there for almost three decades now since its inception in mid 1980s before the M7 threw out of power the late president Milton Obote in January 1986.

The war has been even longer than the Somali war which only started in 1991 after toppling General Siade Barre from presidency of the Somali republic.

The attention given the LRA’s Joseph Kony has been surprising especially in the recent years of oil discovery from Albertine region on the western borders of the Ugandan territory with Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC while UPDF (Uganda Police Defence Force) itself has been accused of atrocities but which has not been taken serious by Invisible Children for the reasons well known to them.

First is the United States Barak Obama response by sending 100 army advisers to Uganda to assist M7’s leader Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to capture him (Kony) from his hideouts in DRC and Central African Republic territorial borders.

If I were to ask why now while UPDF has almost crippled its strength? Why not earlier or why not later? I have no doubt over the strength of the Kampala’s forces, that can be really be told by referring to the number of wars the country has participated and protected its boundaries, from 1997’s wars in Zaire now (DRC), and the current role in stabilizing the Federation Republic of Somalia after 20 years of lawlessness.

1994 we saw how the Tutsis and Moderate Hutus were killed by extreme Hutus in what later has been termed as Genocide. When the international community was silent, US was there and more powerful even than today when its economy has been threatened by series of wars on foreign soils and economic crisis, and the invisible children were there!

These vocal organizations and people have long been there. The wars has always been by foreign factions to get their foot on the African countries economy, one side selling ammunitions on the other side providing sanctions which don’t really affected those in power but the citizens of the said economies.

From 1960 when it had its independence DRC soil has not heard of peace and prosperity, but either iron hand rule from Mobutu Sese Seko to elite rule of Laurent Kabila full of wars. Recently little settled DRC under the young Kabila who has ensured that the foreign factions doesn’t take control over the economy.

Also wars have been used by United States, Western powers to retain and maintain their associates in power. When Robert Mugabe named a dictator Museveni has been a democrat. When Libya was rising African economic power house by using its own resources, small group of people were sponsored to stage demonstrations and supplied with weapons to topple him and which was championed by US, NATO and their allies as for democracy and peace!

In 2003 when Bush popularity was going down he unilaterally waged war against Saddam Hussein, the former deceased president of Iraq, so much so that he can gain popularity and elected for the second time. His successes were war against Taliban (students) and Iraqi’s Saddam as his capital we see of the same in Barak Obama today using the killing of Bin Laden as a campaign worthy thing.

Museveni has stayed in power for so many years as a result of fear he is creating in his people in the name of threat from Joseph Kony who has just handful of soldiers. When he tours the country this strong man of The Pearl of Africa is always flanked by army tanks and heavy weapons as if he is touring battle fields. In the run up to his re-election in 2011, he said that those who are thinking Uganda is Kenya where no war has been fought should think twice before making threats that the country may end up in war if elections were to be rigged.

In the neighboring Rwanda its army officers and the state apparatus have been accused of supporting insurgents in the eastern regions of DRC; General. Laurent Nkunda and now General. Bosco Ntaganda have been seen as Rwandese projects to destabilize the country.

These two strong men Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni have been seen as indispensable by some few in relation to wars they have engaged themselves in indirectly or directly in DRC and LRA persistent respectively. The succession of politics in these countries has not been smooth if not well planned.

The worst of the politics in the region where natural resources are seen as abundant have attracted dysfunctional ‘international community’ to engage themselves in pacification process through double standards and with covert aims.

Should Museveni and his allies be true to themselves, that LRA has enabled them continue siphoning the Ugandan economy into their pockets?

By Joseph Ogana

Ogana is socio-political analyst and blogger.

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