Recolonization: the deadly phase for Africa

The African crisis is not something that can be admired by the Africans of yesterday, today, and even tomorrow. The crisis has been in three stages. The first stage was that of the inhuman actions of slave trade. Africans were taken as slaves in the white farms and others even exported as to parts of Europe and other parts of the world. The white men came as missionaries and later ruled us with the gun. This crisis took us a lot of time and pain to fight back. This was too late because we were already colonized.

The second crisis is the one I have just mentioned that’s colonialism. Our ancestors of the time had to rise against the white man however much the weapons they used were primitive. They wouldn’t withstand the guns but they fought any way to get freedom.  They used whatever they could get in order to win back the African soil. The famous Maji Maji rebellion in Tanganyika, Mau Mau Movement in Kenya, and the Nyabingi Movement in Uganda are the best examples. Our ancestors who were brought to a focus for the liberation of Africa through Pan-Africanism wanted the very best for Africa as a whole.

They wanted the following generations like ours to have a better today!

Surprisingly, we entered into the third crisis that was marked by selfishness and ethnicity. Neo-colonialism crisis. When the white men left Africa, they left behind other white men in form of ideologies but black in color. These are our fellow brothers who have taken everything in what is known as “the leadership of the belly”. They have made a handful of people rich and millions of innocent Africans poorer. They are our fellow Africans who are bent to suck to common man until he drops dead.

The third last crisis that every breathing African today has witnessed is re-colonization. The newest gimmicks of this are NEPAD and AGOA. They talk of democracy and human rights, development, progress and poverty alleviation. They are using IMF and World Bank as the new masters in the service of Western Transitional Corporations. They hide behind the World Trade Organization to impose structural adjustment programs for achieving their re-colonization objective, (Chango, 2011).

The young generation must really understand that as far as European Union, USA, and the white ruling class of the imperialists of the G.8 is concerned, we are condemned to be erased completely from the face of the earth as they did to the Red Indians in America. The spread of HIV/AIDS should not be seen as accidental.

The so-called NGO’s, financed by their governments, and even World Bank, who flooded poor countries disguised under the banner of humanitarianism. Their real role is being the opium of the poor in Africa and elsewhere in the Third world that was the role of the missionaries played under direct colonial rule. The NGO’s are the agents of re-colonization under globalization.

Our hope and future as Africans lies in our own hands. This can only be achieved through a strong Pan-African unity under an African Union, based on and guided by a progressive revolutionary ideology. Artificially colonial borders must go. We (Africans) are to survive and regain our past glory if only we stand up as a united force. We have to be above ethnicity and foreign religious influences meant to divide us. Enough is enough! We should resolve to stop kneeling and begging for foreign Aid.

By Miller Kefa Atuya

Mr. Atuya is a pan-africanist based in Uganda.

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  1. Paternus says:

    The topic and discussion in question is of Paramount importance to the state of affairs in Africa. Sometimes as an Afrikan I find it challenging to view and state what Afrika is facing today. What has been discussed in the topic is the truth but not the whole truth. Iam concentrating on the way forward. What is the cause now is all history.
    I do advocate for the Pan Afrikan Nation not otherwise. Pan Afrikanism today must be redefined and be given a new direction. Since its formation about a century and 3rd quorter to the second decade now has failled to transform itself into the roots/ground to the common person but rsther it has remained a forum for intelectuals.Pan Afrikanism has failled to install its spirit to the generation today and capture the government which is the source of every influence. Apart from the need of Afrikan Union I do declare that Afrika has no any union except economic blocs only but for a political Union it is not there. We do need to for a strong political union which is fair and humane for all racial groups found in Afrika. As it has been said by the Late Nyerere we as the generation of today we need to concentrate with the Union south of Sahara not otherwise. The other part of Afrika should be taken for geographical reasons only.
    Otherwise we need a civil education which is deep rooted from Afrikan culture and not otherwise. We need to restructure our education system to be for ourselves and give us a sense of who we are, we need to restructure our legal system to follow the original founding principle of Afrikan nation as it was before inversation.
    otherwise an error was committed when we regain independence all formal and informal structures of colonialism were not broken..that is to say education, economy and legal systems thats why we are still in this confused environment of not knowing who we are. Remember the purpose of colonization is to bring a nations culture into a territory, that is to say when a nation is colonized it just becomes like a nation which has colonized it. We have never been out of colonialism we are still and we will always still be if we are not going to act and act with thought and actions.
    I stand to be corrected fellow Africans
    Men of caliber in the footsteps of greatness Liberty and Happiness may be yours.

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